EA-600 pure sine wave ups for computer is with a output power factor 0.8. Specifically designed for operation in poor power areas. Ideal applications Home PC, SOHO, small scale exchange,supermarket POS machines,Workstation , peripheral devices and other business critical applications.

EA890 series UPS is a intelligent 3 phase in 3 phase out uninterruptible power supply, it adopts double transform high frequency PWM and high performance digital control technique (DSP), with perfect protection, super network management function,
reasonable man-machine interface and a series of precision design, meets all high reliability requirements of uninterruptible
power supply and integrates reliable, safety, maintainability characteristics of a new generation low frequency UPS.

EA660 Scale Series  is CBC’s new generation modularized UPS. An ideal solution for a safe, reliable,stable and green UPS which satisfies any customer’s one-stop demand to a basic power supply solution for their data center with its compatibility with the EA660 Scale Series modular UPS.
The EA660 Scale Series is CBC’s latest three/three modularized, digitally controlled UPS. It is the realization of the latest electronics and automation control technology, a benchmark in the UPS market. The EA660 Scale Series brings about a new concept in power supply solution, allowing a breakthrough in the practicability of power usage equipment. EA660 Scale Series applies a tray type, smart modular design that allows for hot plug/play designs, this lows flexible adjustment of the modules to satisfy power and reliability requirements. Zero off line maintenance is also realized by its capability to conduct on line maintenance when modules are idle.

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electronic device that maintains a constant voltage level to electrical equipment on the same load. The AVR regulates voltage variations to deliver constant, reliable power supply. Without an automatic voltage regulator, voltage can sag, spike or surge and damage electrical devices.

Battery Monitoring Solution

Proper monitoring of battery parameters is crucial to optimize performance and prevent damage.


Basing on application of power electronic technique, APF is the best soltion for filtering harmonics.

APF is suitable for multi application accasions. We can design the most suitable installation solution for industrial occasions, distribution rooms, machine rooms etc. Because of flexible installation and convenient operation, our active power filters bring huge conveniences for solution design, on-site installation and after- sale maintaining.

Product working principle
The product consists of intelligent components, synchronous switching switch electrical components, current sampling components and low-voltage power capacitors. The following figure shows the working principle of the phase separation compensation method in the product series.
Product wiring diagram