Home Solar System

Benefit of Home Solar

  • Energy cost saving 
  • Free EV charging energy
  • No-break Electricity by backup battery
  • Environmental safe and support Net Zero Emission

Home Solar System  5kW package comprises of:

  • Hybrid Solar Inverter 5kW
  • PV Panel 5.4kW
  • Lithium Battery 5.12kWh
  • Installation
  • Warranty 5-8 years for Inverter and Battery
  • Warranty 12 years for PV Panel

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Model : CBC5KTL-RTL1

  • 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter 48V
  • Battery Revers Protection
  • IP65
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Zero export function (integrated)
  • Natural cooling(low noise)
  • Charge/discharge protection

Home Energy Storage 5.12kWH

Model : LFP51.2V100AH

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Cost effective
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Smart BMS and Fully communicated with inverter
  • Fast Charge
  • Long Cycle life >3000 cycles
  • Parallel up to 16 pcs

System Diagram

Hybrid Inverter Seires is a high quality inverter which can convert solar energy to AC energy and store energy into battery.

The inverter can be used to optimize self consumption, store in the battery for future use or feedin to public grid.

Work mode depends on PV energy and user’s preference.

  • Provide power for emergency use during the grid lost by using the energy from battery and inverter (generated from PV).
  • In addition, the parallel function is available(off grid model).